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From the conversations, it seems they feel this way because the Alpha Female has no place in "game theory". While that may or may not be true, I wonder if you agree with this position and if so, why?

  I don't really feel strongly either way about this, but I don't see the logical nature of saying they don't "exist". The technical term for an Alpha of either gender is simply described as "a leader" when not pertaining to game.

  Second, I've noted that you seem to be a "natural" Alpha in my personal opinion. Something that I have taken notice of is that natural alphas don't seem to be as misogynistic and "bitter" as the Betas who are learning to be Alpha.

  There seems to be a clear "hate" factor that is present in Betas learning game, but is absent in the natural Alpha.

  I realize the underlying reasons for this are obvious on a psychological level (ie: too much rejection) but don't you think that the Betas learning game could in some ways give natural Alpha males a bad name?

  Such as the idea that all women want criminals and bad boys. That isn't what I picture when I picture an "Alpha" type man.

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