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Only Love Rule

The Virgin and the Gipsy

Is the discipline focus limiting your relationship?

A gentle giant who loves and serves the woman he leads

A woman must know that her man cares

He's in charge. . . but I do it my way

Do the right thing - be the captain of your ship

Given a choice between two men ...


So, “outmoded and untrue” for exactly who?  For one person who found virginity troublesome 33 years ago?  If you say so, then I shall be content to accept it.  However if you wish to claim that all the women in “Westernised” countries perceive no stigma in casual sex, or in giving themselves sexually to a man who then turns out to have no commitment to them, then I shall certainly think your claim quite absurd.
My own experience is that the promiscuous, casual sex lifestyle is touted by a vocal and media savvy minority who appear, to me, to have only a rudimentary understanding of simple moral concepts.  However the people that I have known personally have, without exception, understood that whilst casual sex and promiscuity might be effective subjects for the forming of a pleasant idle fantasy, they are not behaviours that are appropriate for civilised and contented living.
Promiscuity might enjoy a great deal of promotion but it does not, in my experience, enjoy a great deal of support.
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