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"hey my name is Average Frustrated Chump and i am a food service major and i saw ur pic on face book and i just wanted to say hi. so if u want u can send me a message back"

-Ok, so what is wrong with this? The guy seems friendly, right? So why wouldn't any girl want anything to do with this guy? I'll tell you why. This little fuck lacks the balls to approach women in real life. Instead, he sits on facebook messaging random women all day, while probably jerking off to their pics, hoping that one might just reply. Yeah, very attractive buddy. By the way, we had a good laugh while making fun of guys like you, Mr. Cowardly AFC.

Here's another good example of what not to do:

Appleface: god, that meathead is getting creative...he's IMed me 4 times and asked me to go out tonight, texted me 2....and i'm like i'm staying in
Appleface: so now he just said twice alright call me later for directions to my buddys house.

-What the fuck is wrong with you guys?!!?? Stop fucking calling/IMing these girls 28 times a day. Better yet, don't even call them at all. Do you know what my attitude is towards phone numbers? Screw them, I simply don't have the time. I'll see the girl when I see her, and if I don't, who the fuck cares?

On to the next one:

"Looking for: Random Play, Dating, A Relationship, Whatever I can get"

-In other words "Desperate, Alone, Someone please love me, Just give me any hole to stick my dick in"

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