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Oooooo. Big fashion mistake. I'll get right on that...


Me: "Why are you wearing a t-shirt under that? That is just all wrong."


What do these two girls do? They laugh and talk to me. Sometimes, you women let me get away with too much shit.


I go back. Sweetcheeks starts dancing on VK...


Me: "Dude, she can barely dance."


Of course, her ego falls victim to my comment. She comes over and starts grinding on me. I look right over her, don't move, and continue watching football.


She tries harder. I continue to ignore. She grabs my face...


Sweetcheeks: "Assanova, what do hot black guys think of white girls?"


Me: "I don't really discriminate." (well, unless you're one of those slanty vagnina Asian girls)


Sweetcheeks: "Wait, what do hot black guys think of pretty white girls with BIG TITTIES!?"


And she starts shaking her tits in my face. I smile and turn my head. She storms off.


The tall brunette from earlier comes up to me...


Me: "You're very attractive. What's your name?"


Brunette: "I noticed you earlier."


Where does it go? Nowhere. Why? Because I didn't jump on her soon enough. The night is almost over. I look up at Sweetcheeks on the second level. Motion for her to come down. She refuses and turns her head away. OK. Whatever.


She then comes down...


Sweetcheeks: "What's your number? I want your number."


Me: "Umm, give me your cell phone and I'll put it in."


Sweetcheeks: "I didn't bring my cell phone."


Me: "Then I guess you're out of luck. Aren't you?"


Sweetcheeks: "Write it down and give it to me."

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