AS Comparison Tool

The AS comparison tool felicitates the Accounting Standard wise comparison of different accounting policies adopted by different companies.  The main objective of the practice tool is to compare the accounting policies:

  • For two or more Companies within same Accounting Standard and Industry.
  • For two or more Companies for different Accounting Standard and different Industries.
  • For different periods of same Company (with above given combinations)
  • Same Company for different accounting standards 

The tool captures the best policies adopted by companies listed on recognized stock exchanges i.e. NSE & BSE. The accounting policies for four financial years are available for comparison in the tool.  It helps comparing different companies under one or different industry segment type for one or all the accounting standards.

This Extracts Comparison Software Tool is a valuable tool for the professionals involved in preparation and audit of financial statements. It saves time by extracting relevant policies for different years for different companies in one window.